In the light of our 20 Years of International Sales and Marketing experience; We started Real Estate Projects Sole Authorized Sales and Marketing operation in 2019.

In 2020, we decided that our brand name would be "Super Project". With the super power we derive from our name, we undertook the sales of 10 different projects as the sole authority in 2021. In just 3 years, we have undertaken the sales of more than 10,000 independent sections in 30 different projects as the sole authority and we continue to do so.

As Turkey's honor "Super Proje", we have the largest real estate agency network in Turkey in this short period of time and we have made thousands of sales with hundreds of agencies. We made sales to citizens of 99 different countries.

We opened our first overseas sales office in Athens, the capital of Greece, in 2022, and became the first Turkish Project Marketing company to conduct an exclusive sales operation in Athens.

In this way, we sold more than 3500 houses to citizens of 88 different countries in 4 years. We have maximized the sales success by including the agencies that will contribute to the sales of the projects we undertake. We became the sales and marketing company with the highest sales volume with the agencies. We have completed at least 90% of the stocks of the projects that we bought during the construction phase before the project delivery. In this way, we helped companies develop and produce projects with their sales revenues instead of their own capital.



Wholesaler Network




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Managed Projects
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Ali C. Gökciler

He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Communication in 2000 and started his business life. While continuing his working life, he got a PhD in psychology after a master's degree in marketing.

He started his career at Doğan Holding in 1999. He moved to Telsim (now Vodafone) in 2000. In 2002, he worked in the sales and marketing company of Uzan Holding. He took part in the team that carried out the sales negotiations during the sales process of Telsim, and in 2007, he led Turkey's largest brand transition operation after the sale of Telsim to Vodafone.

He was transferred by Türk Telekom (TTNET) in 2008 and carried the brand to Turkey's leadership in recognition for two consecutive years in 2008-2009.

In 2010, he had his first real sector experience in Dizayn Group, and the company increased its sales by more than 200% in 2 years. In 2012, he started entrepreneurial life and founded Marcode, Turkey's first marketing and advertising company under one roof, and sold the company to a Libyan investor in 2019.

During the entrepreneurship period, Pelops A.Ş. and signed a 10-year contract with Turkcell. By selling the company shares after 3 years; He entered the construction sales and marketing business. He worked as the general manager at Demay A.Ş. In 2021, he started to work as the Partner and Chairman of the Board of Super Proje, which is his favorite company in the sector.



General Manager and Partner
She speaks native Arabic and English. She is an English teacher. He has 13 years of sales experience in construction projects. He took part in the sale of 25 projects throughout Turkey and managed a significant part of them from start to finish.


He has sales operations, customer service and business development management experience in Real Estate, Commercial Facilities and Retail sectors for more than 25 years.
Human Resources

Our Team

We provide service with our experienced staff of 84 people.

Number of Languages Spoken

We provide service in 9 languages in total in all our offices.

Gender Distribution

65% Female and 35% Male.


Our team has an average of 6 years of work experience, and 15 years in senior management.
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